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nurture and support your needs.

Awaken Your Space provides visitors with a solution to bring harmony and balance together within a home or office.

Have you ever searched for something and wished you had help searching for it? Search engines are as vital to the internet as the websites they take you to. Without them, it would be difficult to surf the Net for anything. Search engines use SEO's or Meta tags to locate "old" and "new" websites. SEO's are words or phrases that appear on a web page or website that are indexed by search engines in a way that best describes it. Meta tags are not visible to an internet surfer, but are visible to a crawler.

After a crawler finds a website or web page, it is indexed into the search engine system under a category or categories.  So a web page with the title "Interior Design", "Interior Decorator", "Organizer", "Feng Shui", would most likely be listed under these specific categories. The crawler would decide to do this based on the terms in the title. Then, when a person surfing the Net for information lists the words "interior" in the search engine box, this page would pop up in the results.

Fresh updated information regarding Interior Design, Decorating, Feng Shui and Organizing are what helps support this website.

Blog Marketing
More than 133,000,000 blogs have been indexed by Technorati since 2002 and around 77% of the Internet users read blogs according to Universal McCann.  Clearly blogging is a vital tool for anyone looking to spread ideas. Articles submitted in the Awaken Your Space blog may also be featured in our Newsletter, talked about in social media, submitted to search engines, and possibly placed in print.

Online Social Marketing
We market YOU through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social sites!

Banner Ads Marketing
Banner Ads are rectangular box ads that can be plain or flashy.  Banner ads catch user's attention and when user's click on the ad they are directed to the web page of the advertiser.  Each time a visitor reaches your website through banner ads, it increases the opportunity of a new client or sale.  When creating a banner ad, it is important that it's high quality and maintains an impeccable standard for your company.  Impressive banner ads create traffic to your website!

Resource Ads Marketing
Resource Ads are a great way to feature your products, sales, promotions, coupons, or your online store. Resource Ads must fall in line with interior design, decorating, organizing, feng shui, or green sustainable home products.

Awaken Your Space Newsletter Marketing
When it comes to getting the message of your business to potential prospects you will want to make sure that it's presented clearly and attractively. The right audience means getting clicks to your website. People visit a site because they know what your offering, if it's important information, to make a purchase, or a clear directive of wanting to do business with you.

Dedicated newsletters are important for small business websites that want to keep others informed, put a human face to your business, share the people behind the company, and also showing what you have to offer.  You will create trust, respect, and loyalty with informative online content.
"Email newsletters are the best way to maintain customer relationships on the Internet."
- Jakob Nielsen, Internet Guru

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