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Feng Shui

Feng Shui ( fung shway) Consultations for Home or Office

Feng Shui Consultations bring balance to our personal and professional lives by shifting energy patterns within a home or office.  Feng Shui literally means "wind and water" and is the study of how to create harmony between the energy of the earth and the human body and how to use the energy of our surroundings to nurture and support us. 

You may ask, what will Feng Shui do for me?

  • Balance the chi or energy of the environment based off the individuals living in the space.
  • Draw in and invite the energy of money, abundance, and wealth.
  • Stimulate career opportunities or get the job of your dreams.
  • Bring more love into your life or find and keep a wonderful relationship.
  • Improve and maintain your health.
  • Establish recognition in your field of expertise and achieve fame.
  • Reconnect family ties while also establishing healthy boundaries.
  • Helpful people suddenly appear in your life unexpectedly.
  • Opportunities of world travel are presented to you.
  • You will tap into the creative energy that thirst your cravings for fun.
  • Your presented with the knowledge and wisdom that you desire.
Looking for a Feng Shui Consultant in your area? Awaken Your Space would be happy to provide you with Feng Shui services in the state of Arkansas and Florida. However we are also part of a international network of Feng Shui professionals ready to serve your needs. We would be happy to help link you to someone in your area. Contact Us 

Are you interested in becoming a Feng Shui Consultant? As part of the international network of Feng Shui professionals, we can also connect you with a training facility. Visit Feng Shui Training.

Feng Shui and Energy
What's the word "Chi" all about?  Learn how to be more aware of the energy that surrounds you and how these energies can directly affect your own energy and life endeavors.  This is a fun interactive seminar that will teach you how to look within your own home or office for energy that is beneficial or stagnating.  Awareness is the first key to action in creating an environment that brings harmony to our surroundings for nurturing support. 
Cost: $2.50
You can purchase and download this seminar through our online store.

Key Three Elements of Feng Shui

So This workshop will discuss the key three elements of a space and how to make adjustments for a more harmonious environment.
  • How does your space greet society?
  • Is your home benefiting your overall health and physical strength?
  • What elements are blocking you from rejuvenation?
Cost: $5
You can purchase and download this seminar through our
online store.

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