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Feng Shui Related Books

We have researched and provided you with this list of books through Amazon. Each picture and title of book will directly link you to the book for your own research. 
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Feng Shui Your Life by Jamye Barrett

Feng shui focuses on correct energy flow, yet, at its core, is simply about feeling good in your surroundings. Whether you prefer traditional, contemporary, or eclectic style, the feng shui principles in this book should complement the decor in every room.

Feng Shui Your Work Spaces by Sharon Stasney 

Using the magic of feng shui, transform your office into a positive environment where your gifts and skills can really blossom. In addition to showing you exactly how to set up shop, this invaluable manual features bountiful color photos, insightful design ideas, and charts, questions, and advice boxes to point you in the right direction.

You’ll see why such details as the shape and size of a desk, the comfort of your chair, and the colors on the walls can affect your emotions, influence clients, and lead to business success. Most important, with the help of the I Ching, you’ll journey through a series of life situations, understand their impact on your work, and gain the knowledge to create an office space that honors your life path.

Feng Shui Your Kitchen by Sharon Stasney

Use the principles of feng shui to create a kitchen that reflects your personality, patterns, and relationships. Charts and a questionnaire help you pinpoint your particular “type,” and unique feng shui techniques offer area solutions, advice on where to put things, and suggestions for shifting just a few items for a more compatible design. With dozens of magnificent photos!

Feng Shui Garden Design by Antonia Beattie and Leigh Clapp

Since ancient times the garden has been a place of meditation, stress release and contemplation. Now, more than ever before, the garden can help you find balance and peace. The power of feng shui can be harnessed no matter the size of your garden, ranging from a couple of pot plants on the balcony of an apartment or a courtyard to a large size garden or park.

You can create a lush and healthy garden that both protects, inspires, and improves the flow of energy in your garden, your home and your life! Learn the various methods of applying feng shui to the garden you have and how it can be used to protect your home from poisonous energy, enhance your love life, improve your finances and help ease family tensions.

The Feng Shui of Love by T. Raphael Simons

T. Raphael Simons, America's leading feng shui expert, teaches readers how to transform their homes to attract, enhance, and enrich romantic love in their lives. Based on ancient Taoist secrets that join feng shui and Chinese astrology, Simons’ method is personalized through questionnaires and individualized charts. Readers will learn how to use their own personal styles of relating, relationship elements, and areas of special interest to arrange their homes in a personally meaningful and effectual way.

Feng Shui and Health by Nancy SantoPietro

The anatomy of a home using feng shui to disarm illness, accelerate recovery, and create optimal health.

Feng Shui and Money
by Eric Shaffert

Attain the wealth and prosperity you’ve dreamed of with easy-to-apply feng shui principles! Easy to understand and fun to read, Feng Shui and Money helps readers connect to the spiritual and psychological dimensions of their financial lives through the ancient practice of feng shui. Starting out with the captivating history of this ancient Chinese philosophy, this entertaining guide covers the basic principles of feng shui thought throughout the ages and its wide popularity today.

Next, it offers innovative suggestions for favorable interior arrangements at home and in the office, time-proven rituals to create prosperity, dozens of chi enhancement exercises, and valuable advice for tending one’s spiritual landscape. Finally, readers will find a nine-week action plan that shows how to translate these feng shui principles into an individual, achievable program of financial and spiritual renewal. Written by an experienced psychotherapist and feng shui consultant, this pragmatic yet sensitive book offers a refreshing, lively blend of Asian spirituality and Western psychological insight.

The Feng Shui Cookbook by Elizabeth Miles

The Feng Shui Cookbook reunites the Chinese art of feng shui with its ancient partner, food, to help you eat for optimal energy. Based on the same principles of yin-yang balance as the popular design practice, the book offers sixty-four recipes organized into yin, yang, and balanced categories, along with the tools to put feng shui principles to work in the kitchen and your life. Whether you seek to beat stress or motivate for peak performance, there's a delicious recipe here to satisfy your palate and re-balance your body and mind.

"If you think your cooking would improve if only your kitchen faced east, Elizabeth Miles' The Feng Shui Cookbook can help." - Self

Teen Feng Shui by Susan Levitt

A feng shui book specifically for teens. *Shows how to create balanced teen environments that promote personal development and positive self expression. *Tailors solutions to teen spaces: bedrooms, dormitories, desks, drawers, and lockers. *Shows how, when, and where to use music, incense, and posters. *Addresses real teen issues such as body image, tattoos and piercings, and cigarettes and other drugs.

Teen Feng Shui demonstrates how the universal principles behind the design practice of feng shui can be applied to the contemporary environments of teenagers-from school lockers to dorm rooms-in order to maximize personal power, develop harmonious relationships, and define personal space. Noting that all books on feng shui are created for adults, Susan Levitt has provided a resource geared specifically toward the needs and realities of the teenage experience, addressing how young adults can design their living spaces to transform their lives. She describes how music, posters, and incense can influence space and includes before-and-after illustrations of feng shui "fixes." Teen Feng Shui also incorporates Chinese astrology, financial management and shopping tips for teens, insights on love and sex, personal stories, and case studies to provide a fun and comprehensive guide to this ancient art of placement.

Interior Design with Feng Shui by Sarah Rossbach

A centuries-old Chinese practice, feng shui has captured the Western imagination as a tool for design and well-being. In this classic book, complete with helpful drawings and photographs, Sarah Rossbach shows how anyone can apply its principles to enhance their careers, family life, health, and prosperity.

Rossbach interprets the teachings of feng shui master Lin Yun for contemporary Westerners, offering practical methods for achieving harmony with one's environment. Focusing on common problems in business and residential settings, she discusses everything from the site of a building to furniture arrangement to wall decoration. In a chapter new to this edition, she explains how to choose colors that satisfy individual needs and preferences. Rossbach's easy-to-execute advice includes such simple steps as moving a microwave oven, repositioning a desk, and hanging mirrors to alleviate negative influences.

Feng Shui A Practical Guide for Architects and Designers
by Vincent Smith and Barbara Lyons Stewart

What do Citibank, the Wall Street Journal, and the Donald Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts have in common? They all have used the universal principles of feng shui, the traditional Chinese discipline of spatial energies, to improve their environments and enhance their businesses. In the past few years, feng shui has crossed cultures to become an effective tool for the nation's top architects and designers—and their clients.

The authors present a history of feng shui, explain its fundamental principles of balance and energy flow, emphasize how these principles are applicable to any architectural style or setting, and connect the theory of feng shui to environmental psychology. Design professionals learn how feng shui practice can help guide the selection of sites, building layout, materials, finishes, landscaping, graphics, lighting, and color. The''ll also find clear plans for a wide range of projects, including residential, commercial, corporate, health care, and hospitality.

Feng Shui for Architecture by Simona F. Mainini

Feng Shui for Architecture is a guide to using the ancient science and philosophy of feng shui for the purpose of designing, building, remodeling, and decorating our homes successfully so that they will become environments that support our lives and our well-being. The information is presented in a user-friendly manual format and can be utilized by homeowners and builders and also by professional designers and architects.

The primary goal of the book is to assist homeowners and professionals in designing houses with "good feng shui" from the start instead of trying to put a bandage on problems or make patchwork corrections after wards.

For years, an ongoing architectural debate has raged between style and functionality. The ideal solution takes both into account and also considers the subtler energies that can affect the health and happiness of a building’s occupants.

Many of the greatest architects of the past, such as Michelangelo, Borromini, and Guarino Guarini, have pursued the study of metaphysics. They have searched for an invisible ideal order for design. The celebrated Frank Lloyd Wright was a great admire of the Taoist philosopher Lao Tzu. Curiously, however, some of the great masterpieces of architecture do not always appear to be the most comfortable structures to live in. Like many other masterpieces of architecture, some of the most original works have become museums or showcases, not happily inhabited residences. Is it the style, the design, or something else that makes a house a dream home? Perhaps it is the ambient energy that determines whether a building supports its occupants in a positive way. Regardless of the particular design style, the energy blueprint of a building and its relationship to the occupants should be considered before any other concerns.

Feng Shui Living by Sharon Stasney

Transform your home into an environment that makes you feel more alive. Using the principles of feng shui--the ancient Asian practice of arranging furnishings and accessories to optimize the flow of energy--you can create a living space in which you feel safe and comfortable and that also helps you embrace life more fully. Gorgeous full-color photos of stylish rooms illustrate how easy it is to incorporate feng shui into your décor. Begin by establishing safety in your home through retreat and secret spaces, connecting to nature's grounding, and other techniques. Now you are ready to encourage expansion in your life. Design spaces where you can be alone, as well as shared spaces that promote harmonious relationships. See how to balance your home's yin and yang and tap into the power of the five essential elements. Work with lighting, color, textiles, furniture and object placement, wall space, accessories, and more.

Feng Shui for the Soul by Denise Linn

In this book you will find three approaches for transforming your dwelling into an environment for spiritual renewal and inner peace.

The Western Guide to Feng Shui by Terah Kathryn Collins

A step-by-step, room-by-room journey through your home and office, opening your "Feng Shui eyes" to see the problems and solutions in your environment. This book explains why the arrangement of your home and workplace affects every aspect of your life.

Move Your Stuff Change Your Life by Karen Rauch Carter

Promising health, wealth, and happiness, feng shui offers endless appeal -- at least in concept. Unfortunately, feng shui's seemingly complicated methods are often difficult to learn and apply in a meaningful way. Fortunately, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life is written in plain and simple English for the modern Western reader. Revealing the ancient Chinese secrets that are as useful and necessary today as they have been for centuries.

A Master Course in Feng Shui by Eva Wong

This fully illustrated, comprehensive workbook is designed primarily for homeowners, renters, architects, and business owners who want to put feng-shui to practical personal use—to choose a home, build a house, select an office, or find a retail space. Real estate agents, interior designers, and architects will also find it useful as a reference manual. The text and exercises proceed in systematic fashion from basic principles to specific projects.

Flying Star Feng Shui by Stephen Skinner

Flying Star Feng Shui adds a new "time dimension" to feng shui practice reflecting the fact that the subtle energies present in our living environment are constantly changing. The flying star combination's make it possible to respond to-or prepare for-these changing energy "situations." These methods produce impressive and rapid results and can both shorten periods of bad luck, while initiating or prolonging periods of good fortune.These concepts have previously been available only from a few untranslated or highly technical sources. Author Stephen Skinner has a international reputation as a popularize of feng shui concepts for Western readers. In Flying Star Feng Shui he introduces one of the most effective and popular aspects of feng shui practice today.

Feng Shui Fame by Elements Book Ltd.

Implementing feng shui in the home and workplace can help to bring recognition amongst peers and superiors. This guide explains how to achieve respect in a chosen field by activating the corners of the home that are responsible for the kind of good fortune which brings fame.

Feng Shui Back in Balance by Sally Fretwell

As feng shui has become more widely known, Sally Fretwell has noticed an increased rigidity in feng shui practice -- a change that has intimidated many people new to this timeless art. In her down-to-earth style, Fretwell presents a fun, commonsense approach to the principles of achieving balance and harmony in one’s life. Covering homes room by room -- as well as gardens, offices, health-care facilities, and stores -- she discusses color, direction, and light as well as "nine star ki" or feng shui astrology. Readers learn how easy-to-implement changes in the ambience and atmosphere of rooms can improve one’s sense of well-being.

Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston

Feng Shui is the ancient oriental art of enhancing and harmonizing the flow of energy in your surroundings. Over the last twenty years, Karen Kingston has pioneered the study of a specialized branch of Feng Shui called Space Clearing. In this fascinating and easy-to-follow guide she shows how you can use Space Clearing and other principles of Feng Shui to enhance the flow of energy in your home or workplace and so create happiness and abundance in every area of your life.

Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston

Drawing on the success of her first book, Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui, Karen Kingston has met popular demand by expanding on the indispensable activity of clearing clutter. There is very little of actual Feng Shui here, and certainly nothing you can't get elsewhere, but the clutter problem gets full and complete treatment. Kingston reminds us that clutter is stuck energy that keeps you stuck in undesirable life patterns. Therefore, you can "sort out your life by sorting out your junk." Kingston covers the reasons we keep things as well as the amazing stories of people who have cleared their clutter away. More than just junk, clutter is all those things that have negative symbolism and that collect stagnant energy. This latter can also apply to bodily, emotional, and spiritual clutter, all of which Kingston describes with characteristic passion. In an age of accumulation, it's good to see a book that frees up life again.

Fatal Feng Shui by Leslie Caine

Despite the homeowner's attempt to harmonize her household through the Chinese art of feng shui, death and a series of near-fatal accidents stalk a job site manned by Erin Gilbert, returning interior designer and incidental sleuth, and her new partner, Steve Sullivan. In the latest installment of Caine's Domestic Bliss mystery series (Death by Inferior Design), artist Shannon Young seeks to remodel her home with the help of Gilbert, Sullivan and a dubious feng shui consultant by the name of Ang Chung. As it turns out, Shannon has a more serious problem than inharmonious design: a predatory neighbor, Pate Hamlin, is after her house and using a series of dirty tricks to get her to sell. When the construction foreman, Erin's half-brother, dies in what might or might not be an accident, an unsatisfactory investigation by local police causes Erin to start following her own leads. It isn't long before a rival designer shows up, trying to steal Steve away from Erin in more ways than professional. Caine, a certified interior decorator, adds helpful decorating tips to her well-constructed mystery, making this a stylish, satisfying cozy. (Nov.)
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