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Banner Ad
$200 year
Resource Ad
$100 year
$25 each

 Descriptive outline of each Advertising option can be found below.
Banner Ad
$200 year

Banner Ad

Banner Ad - Features Include:
Resource Ad
$100 year

Resource Ad

Resource Ad - Features Include:
  • A photo of your choice of a product
  • Up to three lines of text
  • There is a clickable link to your web site
  • We will rotate your listing between other resource ads on the front page under "Spotlighted Resource". You will be featured in the AYS Newsletter for your field under "Spotlighted Resource".
  • Your resource is mentioned on Facebook and Twitter.

$25 each

AYS Newsletter
AYS Newsletter - Dedicated to Your Business or Event
  • The entire Newsletter is dedicated to your project, event, or message. Your message must be related to Interior Design, Organizing, Feng Shui, or a Green Sustainable living or event.
  • Resource advertisers may purchase this feature however there must be an article that shares pertinent information with the readers. We take great pride in our readers and as such we do not allow "spammy" emails or newsletters!

Why advertise on the Internet?

The World Wide Web is experiencing explosive growth. With over 1 billion worldwide customers, and growing every day, it is not unreasonable to expect the majority of US households to have access within the next two years.
Online advertising is a form of promotion that uses the internet and World Wide Web for expressed purpose of delivering marketing messages to attract customers. One major benefit of online advertising is the immediate publishing of information and content that is not limited by geography or time.

Why advertise with Awaken Your Space?

Advertising with us is easy, effective, and affordable. We cover a internet audience for those seeking a harmonious living environment.  We attract both homeowners and business owners ready to learn more.  You will find that we are impeccably dedicated to serving your advertising needs and sharing your talents with others.  Awaken Your Space is where visitors search for ways to design, decorate, organize, and create a space of balance. 

Who visits the Awaken Your Space site?

Awaken Your Space gets web traffic specific to Interior Design, Interior Decorating, Home Staging, Organizing, and Feng Shui. The large majority of our users are interested in the latest and most up to date Interior Design, Organizing, and Feng Shui information that will help them create a peaceful home or office environment. We attract "Professionals" in many different fields that come to Awaken Your Space regularly to stay up to date with the Featured Articles and Design Community information. This information is shared with other social platforms across the Word Wide Web.

We also attract a lot of internet users looking for a professional in their state. Visitors are also looking for a school to become professionals in a specific field. Our visitors are smart, educated, early adopters, and have discretionary income. They are the kind of people who want beautiful furnishings, want an organized home or office, learn organizational skills, and want to call their homes a "sanctuary" and  working environments "harmonious".  Perfect market to reach clients in your area!

You and the Internet
Consider the following consumer internet buying behavior stats:

97% of consumers use online media to search for local businesses or products. Among those surveyed, 90% use search engines and 48% use internet yellow pages (from a consumer tracking study by BIA/Kelsey).

At a recent "Grow Your Own Business Online" presentation, Google shared the following statistics in answer to the question: How frequently do you (consumer) use the following tools when shopping online?

• Search Engines 61%
• Coupon Sites 35%
• Retailer emails 29%
• Online product/retailer reviews 24%
• Shopping comparison sites 22%
• Shopping portals 19%
• Social networking sites 10%

According to a study conducted by Impulse Research 74% of consumers search multiple online coupon sources each week.

These statistics speak to the way goods and services are being purchased today. The internet makes it easier to research your purchases, find local merchants and take advantage of deals.
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