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About Us
Awaken Your Space TM was founded 2004 by Kandi Phillips Florida Realtor® in Vero Beach, Florida. Her background in the accounting, construction, and decorating retail business gave her the advantage of knowing the challenges that others faced with getting organized and creating a space of balance.  

Kandi began studying Interior Design and Decorating in the late 1990's while working as a Comptroller for a multi-billion dollar international company.  She is a certified Decorator through Sheffield School of Interior Design of New York.  Her passion didn't stop here as she felt there was much more to the flow of design within a home or office. She began to see how each person's needs and personalities needed to flow as a harmonious unit within a space. 

Kandi immersed herself in studying the practice of Feng Shui and received her certification as a Feng Shui practitioner through personal training with Sharon Stasney, author of five books on the topic of Feng Shui.  Kandi has also trained with Feng Shui Master Kathleen Horvath, owner & operator of 5 Elements Group located in Corte Madera, CA.

After a few years of conducting Feng Shui consultations Kandi found that most clients felt disorganized which in turn led to the immersion of becoming  a Professional Organizer. Throughout the years Kandi has taught many clients the importance of the environment and how to live in harmony with nature through their own living or working environments.

In 2009, Kandi released the first chapter of Live Your Intention - Own Your Power. She continues to share her personal endeavor of helping others connect mind, body, soul, and the environment together as a collective.  She has developed the Live Your Intention workshops to expand the knowledge of the God given gift of "intention" within each of us. Learn more by visiting the Live Your Intention website.

In 2016, Kandi moved to Naples, FL now working between both west and east coasts of FL.

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