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Interior Designer
Interior Design involves a multitude of technical, analytical, creative skills, and understandings of architectural elements. The profession of interior design encompasses designers who may specialize in residential and or commercial interior design. Some interior designers may specialize in kitchen and/or bath design, design for the elderly, multifamily housing design, furniture design, health care design, hospitality design, retail design, workspace design, and/or sustainable green design. 

Interior Designers would have a four year degree in interior design and may work side by side an architect during the design process of a structure. They must meet broad qualifications and show competency in the entire scope of the profession. In the United States, interior designers who also possess environmental expertise in design solutions for sustainable construction can receive accreditation in this area by taking the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) examination.

Interior Decorator
Interior Decorators are not required to achieve a four year degree. They are not qualified by the jurisdictional agencies to design structures. A decorator is a stylist that specializes in the decor of a home or office. They may specialize in interior rearrangement, one day room makeover, interior redesign, home staging, or real estate staging. These are services that Awaken Your Space provides, while also working in conjunction with the clients interior designer and/or architect.

Looking for a Interior Designer or Decorator in your area? Google is an excellent source for searching for a local interior designer or architect. Visiting your local chamber of commerce website is also an excellent source. Ask your friends, family or neighbors if they have worked with a local interior designer or decorator and how satisfied they were with them. Safe bet is to steer clear of friends or family that say they can help you with your interior design or decorating needs, you both may have very different tastes and personalities. It's always best to have a professional that has been trained to work with different tastes and personalities. At the next family gathering or party, you want to keep your relationships at peace instead of chaos when you didn't use their suggestions.

Are you interested in becoming an Interior Designer or Decorator? Visit Interior Design School page.

Misconception of an Interior Designer or Interior Decorator  - Why a Homeowner Needs One!
Over the years consumers have been presented with misconceptions about Interior Designers or Decorators.  With all the
Do It Yourself interior design shows, it's no wonder the consumer is confused about the difference between an Interior Designer and Interior Decorator. Add the all too familiar Interior Designing Decorating shows to the mix and this could send you in a mind boggling confusion about what to do for a room or home. Many consumers think that an Interior Designer is way out of reach for their budget.
Or maybe the consumer feels they have a creative flair for design and an Interior Designer wouldn't want to include their creativity into the mix. This is far from the truth!

Professionals typically are able to purchase furnishings at a discounted rate from manufacturersThey work painlessly to develop a professional relationship with manufacturers and vendors for product knowledge and discounts that they share with their clients.  A designer will save you money in other ways as well.

  • They have "insider knowledge" on the industry that helps clients receive the best results through sourcing options not available to the general public.
  • They have years of experience that will save you time and money in the event of replacement cost for an item. For example, you purchase a product and it's too large or too small. When you work with a professional they are trained to select the right shape, size, color, and item for you.
  • In the event an item isn't correct they have the opportunity to "soft-cost" items because of their relationship with manufacturers and vendors. This means you will get the correct shape, size, color, and item for your needs at a much lower cost.
  • A good Interior Designer or Decorator will listen to your needs, tastes, and wants.  They will take you with them to furniture, accessory, lighting, or lumber yard stores. They want to know about your likes and dislikes. They will be honest with your selections instead of your best friend or neighbor wanting to suffice your needs. The last think you want is for a family member or neighbor with no training in design telling you what you need. Then to be dissatisfied after YOU paid for everything and have to live with it.
  • You will never repaint a room after finding the color is just so, UGLY! A professional will give you professional advice. A room will be coordinated with the furniture and flow with ease to the eye.
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