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  Interior Design  
Learn the difference between a Interior Designer and Interior Decorator.  Find out which type of professional has the credentials for your type of  project and if they will be able to meet your needs.  The perception of these two fields have been mixed by popular shows such as; "Designer's Challenge" or "Find Your Style".

Do you feel you can't afford an Interior Designer or that your creative expression won't be included in the design? Think again! Find out more by visiting the Interior Design page.

  Interior Design Schools and Centers  
Thinking about becoming an Interior Designer, learn more by visiting the Interior Design Schools page. Searching for a Interior Design Center?

  Interior Design Resource 
Find Interior Design products such as: furniture, blinds, drapes, fabric, paint, tile, carpet, lighting, flooring, kitchen appliances, laundry appliances, bath furnishings, etc.

  Feng Shui 
Learn how Feng Shui will bring balance into your business and personal life by shifting energy patterns within a home or office. Finding a balance for all occupants can be daunting, let us help you Awaken Your Space for your home and office.

Learn what Feng Shui means and how to become aware of your surroundings in a way that will benefit your life endeavors and nurture your health.
Find out more by visiting the Feng Shui page.

  Feng Shui Schools  
Entering the field of Feng Shui can be quite confusing. Have you read books on the subject to find that they may contradict each other? Find out why by visiting the Feng Shui Training page.

  Feng Shui Resource 
Find Feng Shui products such as: auspicious amulets, auspicious animals, auspicious fruits, flowers, and plants, bagua mirrors, bells, globes, amulets, abacus, feng shui tools, feng shui books, flutes, and abacus, Buddhism, carps, chi lin, china bronze, Chinese coins, crystals, dragons, phoenix, dragon tortoise, feng shui accessories, art, jewelry, and tools, fu dogs, ingots, wealth pots, Buddha, mandarin ducks, money frog, pagoda, pi yao, guardian, protective guardians, incense, burners, ru yi, shrine, ritual, space clearing, cure, tortoise, enhancer, water feature, wealth, deities, wind chimes, windchimes, wu lou, 
Find out more by visiting the Feng Shui Resource page.

Organizers will help you get your life back into order, reduce stress, and increase productivity.  If your a business owner or homeowner wanting to take control over the chaos, then you need a Professional Organizer. 

A Professional Organizer will help you create systems within your home or office that support your family or staff. 
In turn, you will have only what is needed, know where things are, and be more productive.  This gives a family more time to spend together and gives a business more time to spend on establishing a sound relationship with existing and new clients.

Professional Organizers ultimately correct order and placement in a logical arrangement for better searching. Organizing is a complex informational system divided into systems that bring balance into your business, professional, or individual life.

Find out more by visiting the Organize page

  Organizing Schools  
Do you love organizing? Would you like to become a Professional Organizer? Organizing Schools guide you through complex systems by breaking down the bits of information of an unorganized home or office. These bits of information is what makes up the steps in moving forward with helping others create a space of organized balance.

  Organizing Resource 
Find Organizing products in these categories: hooks, trash and recycling containers, shelving, bins, storage containers, storage bags, eco-friendly organization products, garage, gift packaging and wrap, dorm, closet, kitchen, storage, shelving, office, travel, bath, laundry, cleaning, travel, kids organizing needs, bedroom, pet, drawer organizing tools, and more

  Design Ideas 
Need design ideas for your home or office? I'm sure you've seen one of those popular shows that show design ideas transformed within a half hour. In a fantasy world this could happen but not in real life! It takes much planning, creative visioning, preparation, shopping, and hard work to transform a dull room or office space into a designer room. 

And what about function? This is key in any design! If it doesn't function well for the occupants, then it's not a great design. Great detail must be taken into consideration for a room to benefit the occupants.

  Blog Talk Radio:  
Listen in for interviews with other professionals passionate about design, green living, authors, and those that love home decor in general. 

Listen to internet radio with Kandi Phillips on Blog Talk Radio

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